Firefox 3.6 includes page orientation code

Next time you tilt your laptop, the web page on your screen might just move accordingly. Well, maybe not, but Mozilla developers will definitely let web developers access laptop orientation information in the upcoming Firefox 3.6 release.

According to a blog post by Mozilla evangelist Christopher Blizzard, the simple orientation programming interface was originally aimed at the Fennec mobile browser. However, since laptops like Apple MacBooks and Lenovo ThinkPads have tilt sensors, the Mozilla folks went ahead and implemented the same functionality in the Firefox 3.6 code.

The feature works in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and developers need only add a "simple event listener" to their JavaScript code to use the orientation information. Blizzard posted a video of some examples, and we've taken the liberty of putting it up on YouTube:

You can view more information and demos about the orientation feature on the blog of Fennec developer Doug Turner. A beta release of Firefox 3.6 may come out later today, if a Mozilla development schedule we saw last week still holds true.

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