Next-gen Nintendo DS could be Tegra-powered

Perhaps AMD's graphics technology will have a place in the next Xbox, as we heard yesterday. What about Nvidia, though? According to PC Perspective, evidence points to Nintendo using the rival firm's Tegra system-on-a-chip in its next-gen DS handheld console.

The site quotes two separate reports: one from Yahoo! Games and another from Bright Side of News. The former says Nintendo demonstrated a prototype, Tegra-based DS successor to "a select group of gamesbiz bigwigs at the . . . GamesCom show." Both stories suggest the future DS will be backward-compatible with current games, too, thanks to the Tegra SoC's built-in ARM microprocessor core.

PC Perspective's Ryan Shrout now says he's hearing from his "own internal sources at NVIDIA" that Tegra will indeed power the future Nintendo device. That adds another layer of credibility to the rumors.

The existing Tegra SoC has already found its way into the Zune HD, for which Microsoft will offer 3D games later this year. Nintendo's future DS could boast a new-and-improved version of that chip, however—so says Bright Side of News, adding that the second-generation Tegra may launch in time for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February.

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