Thursday Shortbread


  1. C|Net reports Intel, AMD feud over evidence in antitrust case
  2. ComScore: Microsoft's Bing holds steady in its search share
  3. Best Buy opens first 24-hour location in NYC's Union Square
  4. C|Net reports Microsoft aims to match Cupertino's retail glitz
  5. Copyright collective: Free format and time-shifting never OK
  6. Gmail tool catches misdirected messages
  7. Our jokes aren't like your jokes - Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow (video)
  8. BeHardware: What’s happening on 5870 / 5850 availability?
  9. Sony ships desktop PC with NextWindow optical touch screen
  10. Engadget reports Acer debuts stylish, multitouch-enabled Aspire Z5610 all-in-one PC
    and Toshiba finally weds SpursEngine and Blu-ray in 18.4" Qosmio G60 laptop
  11. Fudzilla reports Corsair shows its new Voyager GTs
  12. DailyTech reports Nikon unveils high-end D3S D-SLR
  13. Ars Technica shares weird Kindle tricks: Screensavers, screenshots, and games
  14. VR-Zone reports Titan will launch Fenrir X'mas Edition
  15. Gizmodo: iRobot makes first version of T-1000 or Number Six—We will all die anyway
Networking and mobile news

  1. C|Net reports lawsuits filed over Sidekick outages
  2. Wi-Fi is about to get a whole lot easier
  3. Wi-Fi Direct to bring secure peer-to-peer networking in 2010
  4. U.S. broadband study says "open access" fosters competition
  5. Court: Uncle Sam must hand over immunity lobbying docs
  6. New data technology trade rules needed: Microsoft
  7. Walmart to launch Straight Talk exclusively, nationwide
  8. Nokia N900 running Google Wave (video)
  9. RIM launching new version of touchscreen BlackBerry
  10. The CLIQ, Storm2 join long parade of iPhone threats
  11. Gizmodo reports your iPhone is now your car keys

  1. SuperSite Blog reports Google to reveal more Chrome OS details tonight
  2. TechFlash reports PC market growing again in advance of Windows 7 release
  3. Windows 7 release may test Apple's winning streak
  4. Ars Technica reports Windows 7 testers invited to ongoing MSE beta program
  5. Download Squad reports Firefox 3.6 reaches beta stage
  6. Nvidia SLI Profile Update 3
  7. GPU-Z v0.3.6 up for grabs
  8. 9to5Mac reports in-house in the works for iPhone and iPod launch
  9. Over 1.5 million devices using pirated iPhone apps
  10. Linux to capture 60% of smartphone market
  11. Stretch an squeeze - A stress ball computer interface
  12. Maximum PC shares 10 sweet GIMP photo editing tricks to wean you off Photoshop
  13. TheTechLounge on must-have (free) Windows apps
  14. BusinessComputingWorld on FreshBooks

  1. CryEngine 3 released - launch, new trailer, screens
  2. CryEngine 3 - "Beauty, speed, interaction" trailer
  3. Xbox Live preview program: Zune, Facebook, and Twitter
  4. Opinion: 10 ways to improve The PlayStation Network
  5. The Last Stand update - 1.8 Live
  6. L4D2 Boycott to close
  7. Scientists scan the brains of mice playing Quake
  8. An invitation to Gearbox's Borderlands launch party in Texas
  9. Tripwire Interactive will publish Zeno Clash in North American retail stores
  10. Team Fortress 2, Twin Sector, and X3: Terran Conflict updates released
  11. Dealzon's deal - Amazon console video games: Buy 2, get a 3rd game free
    (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, PS2)
Systems and storage

  1. Dell Mini 9 tablet project complete (lots of pics)
  2. ThinkComputers reviews iBuyPower Gamer Paladin E870 i7 gaming system
  3. TweakTown's guide to taking your tech on the road
  4. iXBT Labs on how CPU features affect CPU performance part 4
  5. AnandTech to P55 Extreme overclockers: Check your sockets!
  6. OC3D reviews 4GB G.Skill Trident Extreme Performance
    F3-16000CL9 DDR3 P55 memory kit
  7. Tweaknews reviews Thecus N0204 Mini NAS

  1. Elite Bastards review Sapphire Radeon HD 5870
  2. Benchmark Reviews on Sapphire Radeon HD 5850
  3. Fudzilla has XFX Evergreen series locked and loaded in our lab
  4. Guru3D tests Radeon HD 5770 in 3-way CrossFireX
  5. HardwareZone tests Radeon HD 5770 in CrossFire action
  6. ABT reviews Galaxy G210 and GT 220
  7. GPUCafé on modern GPU failure rates – 1H’09
  8. TestFreaks review DoubleSight DS-70U smart 7” LCD USB monitor
  9. HardwareZone reviews Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX65 digicam
  10. PCShopTalk reviews Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi surround 5.1 USB
  11. Digital Trends reviews Klipsch iGroove SXT portable speaker system
    and Audio-Technica ATH-FC700 headphones
  12. Metku reviews Sweex MM220 Wi-Fi Internet radio
  13. Engadget reviews Motorola CLIQ
  14. Anand from AnandTech pens Core Values: The silicon behind Android
  15. LanOC reviews on Luxa2 h1-Touch
  16. TestSeek Labs review Revoltec FightMouse Pro gaming mouse
  17. OCC reviews Cooler Master CS-M Weapon of Choice M4 DM mouse pad
  18. DriverHeaven reviews Cooler Master Sentinel mouse & gaming surfaces
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. eXtreme PSU calculator promotion
  2. Overclocker Café reviews 1000W Kingwin Lazer PSU
  3. Hardware Canucks post Xigmatek Midgard case video review
  4. PureOC reviews Cooler Master Gladiator 600 case
  5. Hardware Secrets reviews NZXT Lexa S case
  6. OverclockersHQ reviews NZXT Panzerbox case
  7. TWL reviews In Win X-Fighter case
  8. XSReviews on Cooler Master Storm Sniper case
  9. Verdis Reviews on Vizo Arius EX 3.5" HDD rack
  10. LanOC Reviews on Cooler Master NotePal U2
  11. TWL reviews GlacialTech X-Wing Series laptop / notebook cooler
  12. PCShopTalk reviews Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU cooler
  13. Hardware Secrets reviews Cooler Master Vortex 752 CPU cooler
  14. DeXgo, Futurelooks, and ProClockers review Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
  15. FrostyTech reviews Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro
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