It's official: U.S.-bound Dell phone due next year

Well, that seals it: Dell will launch a cell phone in the United States. eWeek says CEO Michael Dell himself revealed the plan in an interview earlier this week.

Dell reportedly told Jean-Baptiste Su of TechPulse that an Android-powered Dell smart phone will reach U.S. shores "probably in the first months of next year." The device may share some similarities with the Dell mini 3i that came out in China two months ago. That device also runs Google's Android operating system, although eWeek says it's a modified version called "oPhone OS" (just an easy typo away from iPhone OS).

In his blog, Jean-Baptiste Su speculates that Dell's U.S. handset may feature a vanilla version of Android as well as "minor user interface and service tweaks" compared to the Chinese model. Those predictions echo a story from the rumor mill we came across earlier this month. Carrier-wise, eWeek says Dell may partner up with AT&T to distribute the phone.

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