AMD posts 'Product Company' profit, net loss

Well, AMD has done it. Sort of. The product design portion of the company has posted its first net profit in many moons, although once you add in the numbers from GlobalFoundries, well, things don't look quite as good. All in all, AMD recorded a $128 million net loss on $1.396 billion in revenue last quarter.

Here's how the results compare to those from the quarter before and the third quarter of last year:

  Q3 2008 Q2 2009 Q3 2009
Revenue $1.776 billion $1.184 billion $1.396 billion
Net income -$67 million -$330 million -$128 million
Gross margin 51% 37% 42%

As it's so keen to remind everyone, AMD has been consolidating its results with those of GlobalFoundries for "financial reporting purposes" since early March. On its own, the so-called AMD Product Company made a $2 million net profit, up from a $244 million net loss in the second quarter. (AMD did post an operational profit before the GlobalFoundries spin-off in the third quarter of last year, but that was before the worst of the financial crisis.)

AMD also quotes numbers for its microprocessor and graphics businesses. The former saw a cool 17% increase in revenue compared to the second quarter, while the GPU business enjoyed a 22% increase. Average selling prices were up in both cases. Not so surprisingly, however, both businesses' numbers were down compared to the third quarter of last year.

Looking ahead, AMD says it expects revenue for its product-design division to be "up modestly" in the fourth quarter.

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