Sony to add 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim

In the past few weeks, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have all cut the prices of their home consoles in preparation for the recession-tinged holiday season. That doesn't mean there won't be room for pricier consoles on top of the cheaper ones, though.

Perhaps that's why Sony has announced a new PlayStation 3 Slim console with a bigger hard drive. The new device will appear on November 3, according to the official PlayStation blog, and it will carry both a 250GB hard drive and a $349.99 price tag. The original PS3 Slim that came out in August has a 120GB hard drive and costs $299.99.

Aside from the bigger hard drive, it sounds like the pricier model will be identical to its cheaper sibling. So, you'd be paying 50 bucks for an extra 130GB of storage capacity—maybe not the greatest deal in the world. Then again, Sony remarks that the extra storage space will let one store not just more games, but also movies and TV shows (some of which are in HD) available through the PlayStation Network's video service.

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