PlayStation 3 topped U.S. charts in September

That analyst called it two weeks ago: Sony's PlayStation 3 did outsell other home consoles in the United States last month. So says Shacknews, brandishing the latest NPD numbers as proof. No, really. Check out these unit sales numbers:

  1. Nintendo DS - 524,200 units sold
  2. PlayStation 3 - 491,800
  3. Wii - 462,800
  4. Xbox 360 - 352,600
  5. PlayStation Portable - 190,400
  6. PlayStation 2 - 146,000

The Shack says that, according to NPD, PS3 sales more than doubled compared to last year and rose by 70% compared to August. Don't tell anyone, but that big honkin' $100 price cut and the introduction of the $300 PS3 Slim might have something to do with it. (Before then, the cheapest PS3 would have set you back 400 bucks.)

Of course, Nintendo also cut prices late last month, so the Wii could climb back on top of the home console charts for October. Microsoft trimmed Xbox 360 prices shortly after Sony in late August, too, but that didn't seem to prevent the PS3's rise in popularity.

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