3.2GHz Core i7-960 appears in Intel price list

AMD isn't the only one to have updated its price list recently. Intel made a stealth update on Sunday, adding one new processor and cutting the price of its Pentium E6300 from $81 to $74. That's it, as far as we can tell.

The new processor is none other than the Core i7-960, whose arrival was foretold early last month. Just as the rumor mill said, this CPU has the same $562 list price and basic specifications as the Core i7-950, except it has a 3.2GHz base clock speed, and Turbo Boost can carry its cores up to 3.46GHz. (The 950 runs at 3.06GHz with a top Turbo Boost speed of 3.33GHz.) Both chips otherwise have the same 8MB of L3 cache, 4.8GT/s QuickPath speed, 130W thermal envelope, and LGA1366 package.

The arrival of the Core i7-960 may give enthusiasts more of an incentive to go with Intel's upscale LGA1366 platform instead of LGA1156. As we saw in our Lynnfield review, the Core i7-950 performs very closely to the new, similarly priced Core i7-870, which fits into cheaper LGA1156 motherboards.

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