The Damage Report: Photoshop 5.5 versus 6.0

IN MY RECENT, RABID RANT about Steve Jobs' "benchmarketing" efforts (among other things), I mentioned that I'd seen the Pentium 4 perform slower in Photoshop 6.0 than it did in version 5.5. Since the Pentium 4 is a CPU that ought to thrive on newer compilers and better SIMD optimizations, the fact the P4 was slower in the newest version of Adobe's image processing app seemed curious.

I only mentioned this fact parenthetically, but JC noticed my assertion, and started talking about it on his web site (and bugging me on ICQ). He wanted numbers. My Pentium 4 review isn't ready for public consumption, but I wasn't really planning on including Photoshop 6 numbers in that review. In light of Photoshop 6's sluggish performance, sticking with 5.5 seemed wise. So, without further ado, I present the cold, hard numbers to back up my assertion.

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