World of Goo developer outs pay-what-you-like sale stats

Last week, 2D Boy celebrated World of Goo's first birthday by letting folks buy the casual puzzle game for however much they wanted. How is that working out for them? Shacknews has the scoop.

According to data released by the game studio, the average price paid was $2.03—almost exactly a tenth of the game's full retail value, which was $19.99 last time we checked.

As you can see in this chart showing the distribution of payments, a large number of users paid just one cent for the title, and the majority chose to pay less than $2. However, a small number of customers paid well over the usual asking price—some up to $50.

Between October 13 and October 19, 2D Boy's Ron Carmel says his company sold 57,000 copies of World of Goo but lost 13% of revenue to PayPal transaction fees. If my math is right, that means the sale generated just over $100,000 in revenue. Interestingly, sales of the game through Steam (at the full price) went up a whopping 40% compared to the week before the promotion.

The celebration is running until October 25, by the way, so you still have a chance to buy the game at your chosen price.

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