Codemasters shows off Dirt 2 DirectX 11 effects

DirectX 11 games aren't exactly flooding stores right now, but they're definitely on their way. Among them is the PC version of Dirt 2, and as Shacknews reports, Codemasters has released a couple of trailers showcasing the racing game's DirectX 11 visuals.

One trailer, available as an HD stream at Shackvideo, focuses on DX11 effects in particular: cloth tessellation, a hardware-instanced tessellated crowd, water tessellation, and "enhanced" post-processing effects. (DX11 tessellation involves using algorithms to increase polygon counts directly on the graphics processor, thus avoiding bandwidth bottlenecks.) The other trailer focuses a wee bit more on gameplay, although it also delivers a nice helping of eye candy.

Dirt 2 is currently scheduled to hit stores in December. Shacknews says the British launch will take place on December 4, but Codemasters has yet to announce a specific release date for North America.

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