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More ATi Radeon news as we patiently wait for someone's review. Hartware has done a comparison of the latest Radeon beta drivers using the ATi Radeon 64MB ViVo. It is in German but benchmarks are a universal language. The system was an Athlon 600MHz / KX133 / 128MB PC100 SDRAM running Windows 98.

For those still hanging on to their 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500, 3D Pulpit offers three new T-Buffer technology demos which show off FSAA, soft reflectance, and depth of field: KittyHawk (FSAA), Museum (FSAA & SR), and RocketBurger (FSAA, SR, & DoF).

Beyond3D provides a KYRO roadmap on possible future products we may see from the PowerVR Series.

Quantum3D's press release announcing a new relationship with NVIDIA.

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