Poll: Are you upgrading to Windows 7?

So, Windows 7 is finally out in stores. What does this mean for TR gerbils? Are our trusty readers rushing to upgrade, or are they biding their time?

A number of you must already be running pre-release versions of the OS. Perhaps you've even gotten hold of the release-to-manufacturing build via a TechNet subscription or some other avenue. Then again, we expect some of you will be holding on to either Windows XP or Windows Vista for now. Maybe you'd rather wait a week or two and perhaps get a hardware upgrade while you're at it, or perhaps you plan to wait until the first service pack. Heck, maybe you don't even run Windows to begin with.

We've decided to update our poll with these questions, so let's see what your plans are. You may vote either down below or on our front page.

Our last poll was about removable storage media—namely, which medium will dominate in five years. USB thumb drives got the most votes (42%) followed at a distance by the Internet, which garnered 17% of votes, and SD cards, which captured 12%. The remainder of respondents are split between Blu-ray, cell phones, and other alternatives. Clearly, though, almost nobody (just 2% of voters) expects DVDs to stay a popular form of removable storage.

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