New Dell Adamo XPS looks... unusual

Over the past few weeks, teaser images of Dell's re-imagined Adamo laptop have trickled onto gadget sites. The photos never showed a whole lot—usually some sleek metallic outlines on a dark backdrop—but they successfully kept everyone talking.

Well, Dell has finally taken the wraps off the machine, and it looks... different. CNet News has posted an image of the contraption along with a short video, which demonstrates how you can simply rub a finger along a heat-sensitive strip on the top edge to unlock the display lid.

You know how some notebooks (including the original Adamo, actually), have a piece that sticks out behind the display hinge? The new Adamo takes that concept and flips it around, so the portion of the laptop holding the display keeps going below the hinge. That means the keyboard winds up sitting at an angle, and anyone walking past that thing on your desk is bound to do a double-take.

CNet News writes that the Adamo XPS will officially launch in November and will feature an Intel ultra-low-voltage processor (no Atoms here, thank you very much). The guys at PC Magazine have posted some extra photos, and they add that the system will be "about a half an inch thick."

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