Report: Triple-core Phenom headed to notebooks

AMD may have a tough time competing in the notebook space next year—after all, that's when Intel plans to unleash its 32-nm Arrandale processors, which should feature dual Nehalem cores, Turbo Boost, and Hyper-Threading. Still, the last roadmap we saw showed AMD intends to serve the high-end mobile market with some quad-core, Phenom II-derived processors.

That's not the whole story, though. According to Fudzilla, AMD will use the same silicon to introduce some triple-core mobile offerings. The site forecasts one model, the "Phenom II triple-core N820 mobile processor," which will have no L3 cache and a 35W thermal envelope. No word on clock speeds, however.

The lack of L3 cache suggests AMD could use the same silicon as its desktop Athlon II X4 offerings, disabling one core for the triple-core model. Fudzilla says AMD will also unveil a quad-core Phenom II N920 with otherwise similar specifications. You can look forward to the triple-core mobile Phenom II (and possibly its quad-core cousin) in the second quarter of next year, the site adds.

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