Take California...

Ok, too much Propellerheads but it looks like Californians are going to be faced with rolling blackouts according to this story over at Wired. I'm thinking UPS sales are going through the roof as both business and residential areas will be faced with the Stage 3 blackouts as a result of the state's energy crisis. Contrary to what one might have assumed, the tech industry isn't to blame.
"If people used one-third less power, that would shave 5,000 megawatts off the peak, which would completely get us out of this situation and then some," Kellan Fluckiger, COO of the California Independent System Operator, said on a conference call with the media. Cal-Iso manages the California power grid and controls 75 percent of the power in the state.

The state has been facing power concerns for weeks, but it was made worse by a winter storm on Tuesday and Wednesday that brought rain and snow to the state.

Looks like companies have contingency plans in place for this kind of things, the most interesting being Epoch Internet.
In the meantime, the major data centers based in California expect to keep the lights on. Epoch Internet in Costa Mesa has a data center in Los Angeles that has a power center built into the building which can act as a backup power source for the entire Los Angeles area for up to 30 days, according to Jerry Grasso, a spokesman for Epoch.
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