DirectX 11 benchmark goes up for download

With both DirectX 11 graphics cards and Windows 7 now out in stores, Shacknews reports that middleware developer Unigine has released what may be the very first public DX11 benchmark. Dubbed "Heaven," the 127MB application is available at FileShack.

In the benchmark, a disembodied camera pans through a floating fantasy town with grassy hills, paved roadways, and a square with a dragon in the center. The user can press keys to enable or disable tesellation, which increases the polygon count of various objects, from the dragon to walls, floors, and rooftops. The Heaven benchmark also lets you jump into the world and walk around, should you want a closer look at some of the eye candy.

The application seems like it can run on even DirectX 9 graphics cards, although of course, you'll need one of the new Radeons running on Windows 7 to enable the DX11 effects. Otherwise, you can check out a video of the benchmark in action here.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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