Report: Intel prepares faster, $53 dual-core Celeron

Slowly, but surely, Intel is pushing single-core processors to the fringes of its desktop processor lineup. The chipmaker still offers (PDF) some single-core Celerons, but according to Fudzilla, those will be marginalized further with the launch of a new, dual-core Celeron E3400 on January 17.

Reportedly, the Celeron E3400 will run at 2.6GHz with 1MB of cache and an 800MHz front-side bus. Intel will base it on the same 45-nm Wolfdale silicon as faster dual-core Core 2 CPUs, and it will price it at just $53—within range of its remaining single-core products.

Intel actually offers three slower CPUs for that same price right now: the Celeron E3300, which has similar specs as the rumored E3400 but a 2.5GHz clock speed, the E1600, which runs at just 2.4GHz with half the cache, and the Celeron 450, which has only a single 2.2GHz core. The newcomer should outrun all of them, although Fudzilla doesn't say whether its arrival will push any other dual-core models down the price ladder.

As we recently learned, Intel may also unveil a new, 3.06GHz Pentium CPU priced at $84 on the same day. Word is that the company intends to release its first 32-nm Clarkdale dual-core processors earlier in January, too.

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