Intel may not add USB 3.0 to chipsets until 2011

Today, adding USB 3.0 support to a motherboard involves buying a third-party controller. And things may stay that way for the next year and a half or so. According to EE Times, Intel has postponed the implementation of USB 3.0 in its own chipsets until 2011.

Quoting two anonymous sources, including "a senior technology manager at a top tier PC maker," EE Times says Intel initially planned to start sampling USB 3.0-capable chipsets in "early 2010." However, the chipmaker purportedly pushed back those plans by a year. Intel hasn't yet confirmed the postponement officially, though; a representative told EE Times he hadn't heard of a delay.

If the rumors check out, the delay could slow down USB 3.0 adoption considerably. The same PC technology manager expects USB 3.0 "won't get real traction" until Intel adds support to its chipsets, since otherwise, hardware makers will find themselves in a chicken-and-egg scenario. Motherboard makers may not add third-party USB 3.0 controllers if few devices support the technology, and similarly, device makers may hold off on releasing USB 3.0 products until PC support becomes widespread.

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