JPR: GPU shipments grew 21.2% last quarter

Hardware companies have been putting out relatively encouraging third-quarter results lately, and now, the market analysis firms seem to be following suit. Jon Peddie Research has crunched the numbers on the latest graphics processor shipments, which it says increased a cool 21.2% between the second and third quarters—the highest growth in nine years.

JPR's report includes some juicy market share data, too. Here's how the big three graphics hardware vendors fared last quarter, the quarter before, and in the third quarter of 2008. Oh, and keep in mind: these results cover both discrete and integrated graphics chips, which is why Intel is in such a prominent spot:

  Q3 2008 Q2 2009 Q3 2009
Intel 49.4% 51.1% 52.7%
Nvidia 27.8% 29.2% 24.9%
AMD 20.6% 18.4% 19.8%

What about growth for each company? Intel and AMD look like the winners there. Compared to the previous quarter, Intel enjoyed 25.2% growth in shipments, AMD saw 30.2%, and Nvidia just 3.3%. Compared to the same quarter a year before, JPR registered growth of 14.6% for Intel, 3.1% for AMD, and -4% for Nvidia (yep, that's a minus sign).

JPR comments that, in light of these numbers, fourth-quarter growth may not be quite as dramatic. "The channel is full and the products in it will have to be sold off before the OEMs and their resellers take a chance of seeing the channel becoming overstuffed," the firm says. As we wrote last week, the rumor mill suggests PC vendors may have built up excessive inventory in preparation for the Windows 7 launch.

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