MSI cooks-up e-book reader with Tegra inside

After the Zune HD and those smartbooks we saw, Nvidia's Tegra might just find its way inside yet another category of devices. DigiTimes writes that MSI is working on an e-book reader based on the diminutive system-on-a-chip.

Reportedly, MSI chairman Joseph Hsu himself teased the upcoming reading device. However, because of "some problems . . . waiting to be fixed," DigiTimes says the company intends to wait until the first half of next year before announcing any specifics.

The story doesn't elaborate on MSI's reasons for choosing Tegra, either, although the SoC's small footprint, low power consumption, and graphics core should all be pluses—especially if the device turns out to have web browsing capabilities. (Nvidia and Adobe have worked together to accelerate Flash in hardware.)

Tegra is certainly getting a lot of attention lately, anyway. Over the past few months, we've heard whispers that Nintendo may use Tegra in its next-gen DS handheld, and Nvidia itself said its product will show up in a handset from "one of the top five cell-phone makers" as soon as this quarter.

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