Apple courting media firms ahead of tablet launch

After a brief lull, Apple tablet rumors are back in full swing. New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller mentioned the device in a speech two weeks ago, and now, Australia's Sunday Morning Herald writes that Apple has been courting media firms in the Antipodes ahead of the device's launch.

Apple has reportedly sent the tablet's specifications to Australian firms to gauge their interest in offering up content. Word is that the touch-screen device is "small enough to carry in a handbag but too big to fit in a pocket," and it will let users browse the web, watch videos, and read papers and books—sort of like a supercharged Kindle (with presumably shorter battery life).

SMH says Apple may offer a juicier deal than Amazon does with the Kindle, though. Allegedly, Amazon wants to rake in 70% of content revenue, which led its talks with Australian media firms to break down. Apple purportedly takes a 30% cut on content sales, however, and it's "expected" to apply that formula to print media.

Last we heard, the mysterious Apple tablet was due next year. The latest rumors from Taiwan suggest it will have a 10.6" display and be manufactured by Foxconn.

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