1. Website du jour: Generic Media
  2. News that AOL/Time Warner merger has finalized@Rush3D
  3. The Game Den covers CES 2001
  4. That other TR: Tech-Review's file compression guide
  5. PDASquare asks if the PocketPC is difficult to use
  6. the Duke of URL reviews WinLinux 2000
  7. Tweakers Asylum reviews Norton SystemWorks 2001
  8. The Haus on Quake III: Team Arena 1.27h tweaks
  9. The Game Den reviews Hitman Codename 47

  1. Timing roundup using ATLAS (P4, IA64, Athlon) ~ thanks AMDZone
  2. Digit Life's December 2G mobile digest: tech & communications
  3. SE's value gaming PC buyer's guide
  4. I am not a geek reviews OCZ Athlon 1.3GHz
  5. VR-Zone's Duron 850MHz overclockability test

  1. HotHardware's Abit VP6 preparations
  2. Insane Hardware tests AMD 761's Super Bypass feature@200MHz (Asus A7M266)
  3. [H]ard|OCP and VIAhardware review Abit KT7A-RAID
  4. Icrontic reviews Abit KT7A
  5. LostCircuits reviews Gigabyte GA-60XE i815E Pro
  6. Digit Life reviews Gigabyte GA-8TX i850
  7. AMDZone updates A7V installation guide

  1. PCinsight's questionnaire with ATi Europe's Rene Froeleke
  2. RadeonTweaker GTK 0.8.0
  3. The Tech Zone reviews ATi Radeon 32MB DDR
  4. Smoked Wire reviews ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder 32MB
  5. 3DCenter reviews NVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra (in German ~ English version here)
  6. Tom's Hardware on DV editing with Pinnacle Studio DV Plus
  7. Tranzmit's demos: System Apoc by Astral and Antimoney by 3State

  1. Gamers Depot reviews nike psa[play 120 MP3 player
  2. Hardware One reviews Yama(ma)ha CRW2100E CD Re-Writer
  3. 3DnHardware reviews VideoLogic Sirocco Spirit and MidiLand S4 7100 Plus
  4. Target PC reviews Logitech Xtrusio speakers
  5. SoundCardCentral reviews Logitech Soundman S-4 & S-20 speakers
  6. EXHardware reviews Crucial PC133 256MB
Cases & cooling

  1. Copper spacers bad for CPUs?
  2. 3DnHardware's drive-bay fan controller project
  3. Dans Data reviews Lian Li PC-31 case
  4. TacoNuts updates case gallery
  5. Extreme Overclocking's Tt Slot 1 Golden Orb mod
  6. OCAddiction's Socket A heatsink/cooler roundup (belated thanks to Zeb Baird)
  7. Overclocked Cafe on the Tt Blue Orb
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