Nvidia driver page teases GeForce 300M lineup

Call it a hunch, but Nvidia might have some new mobile graphics processors up its sleeve. How else would one explain the sudden mention of five GeForce 300M-series products in Nvidia's driver download page? Fudzilla caught the English-language beta driver page early before Nvidia removed mention of these GPUs, and we were able to grab a screenshot of the French page earlier this afternoon:

Knowing Nvidia's usual nomenclature, these product names—GeForce GTS 360M , GT 335M, GT 330M, 310M, and 305M—seem to cover a fairly wide range of products, from the high end to the low. The driver search doesn't yield any results, though, so we have little else to go by.

For all we know, these could be new versions of previous products. That said, Nvidia already re-branded its mobile G92 graphics processor following the shrink from 65-nm process technology to the 55-nm node in March, and it subsequently added some new, 40-nm parts to the same 200M series. Unless Nvidia plans to rename those, too, we could be looking at some shiny DirectX 11 goodness here.

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