Left 4 Dead 2 demo hits Steam—for pre-orders only

Want to sample Left 4 Dead 2 before you buy? Then you'll want to wait until November 3, which is when Valve will release a demo version of the co-operative zombie shooter to the general public. However, Shacknews reminds folks who pre-ordered the PC version of the game that they now have early access to the demo.

This demo gives players a chance to sharpen their zombie-killing skills in the Parish campaign, which is set in an undead-infested New Orleans. If what Valve said earlier this month still holds true, four players should be able to team up online or over a local network and check out Left 4 Dead 2's new melee weapons and zombie bosses.

Valve is still taking pre-orders on Steam, so if you were planning on purchasing the full game anyway, you can buy now and get first dibs on the demo—you'll get 10% off the asking price, too. The full game is still scheduled to launch on November 17.

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