If you don't frequent our forums, you may have missed the announcement of Asus's Xtreme Design contest. This is something a little bit different: a PC design and building contest.

The first stage is design only—explain what sort of unique system you would build with the latest components. Try to come up with something distinctive and interesting, and submit your plans, sketches, and so forth. The top twenty (!) proposed designs will win a big cache of the latest hardware, so the folks behind them can proceed to build their proposed systems. The slate of goodies includes an Asus P55 mobo, a Core i7 processor, a GeForce GTX 260, a 128GB Samsung SSD, an Antec 850W PSU, a G.Skill DDR3-2133 memory kit, and a mouse and keyboard from Razer.

Stage I winners will carry that hardware into Stage II, where they can build the systems they've designed. The person who produces the best build will then get a trip to CES 2010 in Las Vegas to demo his system on the show floor. Pretty sweet deal.

The TR crew has been making CES arrangements this past week, and we do plan to attend. If a TR reader wins this thing, we'll be sure to drop by the booth, take some pictures of the winning system to post on the site, and congratulate you in person. Surely some gerbil out there has a nice build in store for us? Perhaps Krogoth, who is never impressed with anything, will demonstrate to us what "impressive" really means?

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