Rumor mill points to 2010 Wii 2 launch

Could we see a new, high-definition Wii console next year? One might just think that after seeing the latest report by French website Logic-Sunrise, which claims to have gotten the scoop from a very solid source at Nintendo.

According to that source, the Wii 2 will debut in 2010 with a Blu-ray player and support for high-definition displays. You'll be able to play games at 720p or 1080p resolutions, too, although the site doesn't say what graphics hardware Nintendo might have gone with. Even relatively inexpensive and power-efficient GPUs can run DirectX 10 games at 720p these days, so that wouldn't be a tough baseline to reach.

Otherwise, you can reportedly expect a global launch some time next year, but Nintendo may only start teasing the console a month before its release. Oddly, Logic-Sunrise also mentions a scheme whereby Nintendo would take back your first-gen Wii—no word on just what the company would do with millions of used Wii consoles.

We'd take this rumor with a grain of salt, naturally, but it doesn't sound entirely implausible. Sony has managed to drag its Blu-ray-equipped PS3 to $299, after all, and the higher-capacity discs would allow for more elaborate games without disc-swapping. Perhaps a launch just four years after the Wii's arrival would be a little early, though. (Thanks to CrunchGear for the link.)

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