Dual-GPU AMD Hemlock card pictured

Poor 40-nm yields or not, Hemlock is coming. AMD officially intends to release the dual-GPU, DirectX 11 monster card this quarter, and now, the folks at AlienBabelTech have posted some images of Hemlock in the flesh.

The graphics card depicted looks prodigiously long, likely because it houses two Cypress GPUs on a single circuit board. AlienBabelTech quotes an overall length of 13.5", enough to cause clearance problems in a full-sized Antec 1200 enclosure. If accurate, that measurement means the "Radeon HD 5970" is a whopping three inches longer than the single-GPU Radeon HD 5870, which isn't compact by any stretch of the term.

Otherwise, the prototype features six- and eight-pin power connectors (up from two six-pin connectors on the 5870), and it has a sleek, black cooling shroud that covers the entire PCB. No Batmobile-style cooler vents lined with red plastic here, though; this thing is all business. It also looks to feature a single screw hole at the very far end, possibly to fasten the card securely inside pre-built PCs.

With all that said, AlienBabelTech got word from AMD that the board, drivers, and BIOS are "not finalized," and the photos merely depict an "engineering sample." So perhaps the final product will have a slightly more manageable size and a flashier cooler design.

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