Every year at this time for the past few, we've had a strangely ample ladybug bloom. The things gather all over the sides of our house, and many of them manage to slip inside through open doors or cracks. Today, while I was making breakfast, I spotted one attached to the pull-string for the blinds on the window over the kitchen sink. I grabbed the string and shook it gently over the garbage disposal, intending to be rid of the bug, but the thing flew off in the direction of my coffee maker.

Not wanting to brew a bug into my El Salvador Miralvalle, I quickly searched the area around my coffee maker to find it. Sliding the machine forward revealed a small-ish ladybug beneath it, and I thought perhaps I'd found the thing. Yet this particular bug looked smaller than the one I'd been pursuing. I wasn't satisfied that I'd found the right insect, but I didn't see another one anywhere near, so I disposed of it and moved on.

A bit later, my eggs, sausage, and coffee were all hot and ready at the same time. Happily, I pulled the thermal coffee carafe out from the machine, and there, upside down in the lid, lodged in the crack between the dome over which coffee flows and the outer part of the lid, was that ladybug. Nearly every drop of my hot Miralvalle had flowed over its little exoskeleton, no doubt cooking its insides in the process.

The coffee tasted excellent anyhow, but I do have kind of a funny tang in my mouth now. Probably all in my head.

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