Kingston, Paramount offer movies on flash drives

Is this the beginning of the end for DVDs and Blu-ray? Only time will tell, but today's news still seems like a step in that direction: Kingston and Paramount Digital Entertainment have partnered up to distribute movies on USB and SD flash products.

The agreement covers "full-length motion picture feature films," and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has become the first to receive that treatment. Kingston says the movie is being sold on DataTraveler I USB drives at "all OfficeMax stores" for $29.99.

At that price, the flash package is a bit more expensive than even the Blu-ray version—and Kingston's press release says nothing about HD. Then again, considering an increasing number of laptops now ship without optical drives, some folks ought to appreciate the option. The DataTraveler's design will also allow for quick removal once you realize Revenge of the Fallen goes on for an excruciating 2.5 hours and gives Shia LaBeouf way, way more screen time than Megan Fox. So, that's definitely a plus.

For reference, the cheapest DataTraveler I drive, a 4GB model, will set you back $11.99 at Newegg right now. Kingston says it covers all DataTraveler drives with five-year warranties and 24/7 technical support, too.

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