Spy shots show tiny ThinkPad with chiclet keyboard

Lenovo hasn't toyed too much with the ThinkPad formula since acquiring IBM's consumer PC business in 2005. Oh, sure, new ThinkPads have wide-screen displays and Windows keys, but they've held on to that 1990s utilitarian look some folks go crazy for.

That might change soon, though. Engadget has spotted multiple leaked images of a new ultraportable ThinkPad with chiclet keys, a white plastic exterior, and a worrying lack of overengineered metal hinges. The somewhat blurry images come from two different Chinese websites, so you might want to take them with a grain of salt. Still, they look believable enough—except for the odd design choices, that is.

According to the folks at Cloned in China, Lenovo will brand the system either ThinkPad x200e or x100e. The site also refers to the machine as a netbook, which might explain why it's pictured running Windows XP.

Lenovo already sells netbooks, mind you, but not under the ThinkPad brand. The IdeaPad S10 and S12 have been available for some time now, and you can get the S12 with Windows 7 and Nvidia Ion integrated graphics.

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