New Chrome beta is faster, has bookmark sync

Mozilla Firefox may be getting all the market share points, but Google is still hard at work improving its own web browser. The search giant has released a new Chrome beta that features both improved performance and the ability to synchronize bookmarks across different PCs.

The bookmark sync feature looks pretty simple: a menu option in Chrome's wrench menu prompts users to enter their Google Account details. Once that's done, modifying bookmarks on one machine almost instantaneously propagates the change to other synchronized systems. Check out this video of the feature in action:

Mozilla is also working on a bookmark sync feature, Weave, but it hasn't integrated it into Firefox just yet (not even the new Firefox 3.6 beta).

Otherwise, this Chrome beta release purportedly brings a 30% performance improvement over the latest "stable" release. Google got that number from Mozilla's Dromaeo document object model benchmark, which ought to reflect page rendering speed, among other things. You can download the latest Chrome beta and see the changes for yourself by hitting this page.

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