Thursday Shortbread


  1. SemiAccurate reports Nvidia crushes MSI's Lucid-based board
  2. TG Daily reports AMD discovers several Fusion mantras, disses Larrabee
  3. Expreview reports Intel denies promoting Larrabee to graphics card makers
  4. 2nd update: NY AG claims Dell got $6B via secret Intel pact
  5. Ars Technica takes a close look at the new antitrust allegations against Intel
  6. San Diego supercomputer to use Intel chips, SSDs
  7. TC Magazine reports Lenovo to offer BIOS option to switch Fn / Ctrl keys
  8. DailyTech reports motherboards supporting USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gbps now available
  9. DigiTimes reports AMD GPU shortage causing PC vendors to delay products to 1Q10
  10. Fudzilla reports Nvidia's GT 240 shows up in retail
    and demand for GeForce GTX 260 cards still huge
  11. Expreview reports PowerColor readies passively-cooled Radeon HD 5750
  12. NordicHardware reports XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition at the end of November
  13. Gizmodo on Microsoft Courier's swipes, snips, and scribbles: The leaked interface
  14. DigiTimes reports TSMC to demand $1 billion compensation from SMIC
  15. LiveScience on what Bing does best
  16. Microsoft CEO eyes Yahoo! partnership outside U.S
  17. DailyTech reports Microsoft slashes more jobs
  18. Comcast is simply getting huge
  19. TG Daily reports former hp CEO Carly Fiorina to run for Senate
  20. TorrentFreak reports Pirate Party gets second seat in European Parliament
  21. Beatles remasters heading to USB
  22. AnandTech's giveaway: Win a Lynnfield Core i7 system
  23. Ars Technica's November Thanksgiving giveaway
  24. Win a Zotac GTX 295 from
  25. Win an 850W Ultra X4 PSU (separately) from Big Bruin and DriverHeaven
  26. Dealzon's deals: $285 off 14" Asus laptop, $400 off 22" hp TouchSmart IQ500t
    all-in-one, $40 off Dell Inspiron Mini 9n, and $30 off Garmin Oregon 400t GPS

  1. Natural user interface is the future of PC industry, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
  2. Intel's James Reinders on parallelism: Part 1
  3. The Register reports bug in latest Linux gives untrusted users root access
  4. Ars Technica: New tool seeks to block rootkits by protecting their targets
  5. C|Net posts FAQ: Buying the right Windows 7 upgrade
  6. Windows Live Sync: Now on Snow Leopard
  7. SuperSite's Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard part 2: Pricing
  8. Microsoft says Windows 7 doing well so far
  9. Supporting Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008 R2
  10. TG Daily reports Parallels takes on VMware
  11. Moblin v2.1 project release for netbook and nettops - It's here
  12. KDE 4.3.3 release announcement
  13. Java SE 6 update 17 release notes
  14. VirtualBox 3.0.10 released
  15. C|Net reports T-Mobile says software error behind outage
  16. Apple's App Store hits six digits; how many apps do you need?

  1. Expreview reports first DirectCompute benchmark released
  2. Gamasutra: Xbox 360 gamers defecting to PS3 for holiday sequels?
  3. Bright Side of News on Batmangate: AMD vs. Nvidia vs. Eidos fight analyzed
  4. Ars Technica reports Dragon Age launch fails: Some can't play, others no DLC
  5. Fudzilla reports CoD: MW2 multiplayer on PC only supports 18 players
  6. American McGee's blog: Return of Alice (video madness)
  7. John Carmack talks 'Doom Classic,' 'Rage'-themed racing game
  8. Left 4 Dead 2 TV spot #2 hits the airwaves
  9. Shacknews reports Epic launches free Unreal development kit
  10. Legit Reviews on Shattered Horizon
  11. Welcome to the Torchlight mods database
  12. Shacknews has Natural Selection 2 interview: The evolution of a mod
  13. Steam news - Dragon Age: Origins available in mainland
    and Shattered Horizon now available
  14. Absolute Minesweeper now available on the App Store
  15. Win a copy of Shattered Horizon from Elite Bastards

  1. Legit Reviews has Chris Morley interview on Maingear's Shift PC
  2. TG Daily: Notebook benchmarks fail to convey performance, price
  3. TweakTown's ASRock Ion 330HT-BD nettop unboxing video
  4. EOC, HotHardware, HT4U, PC Perspective and
    PCStats review Phenom II X4 965 B.E. C3 revision
  5. TWL reviews Athlon II X3 435
  6. Neoseeker reviews MSI NF980-G65
  7. Hardware Canucks review 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black
  8. AMD Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition previewed
  9. TweakTown reviews HIS HD 5850 1GB
  10. Neoseeker reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
  11. ThinkComputers reviews Sparkle GeForce GTX 260 Plus 1792MB
  12. Björn3D reviews Gigabyte GeForce GT 220
  13. Hardware Secrets: Can we trust the 80 Plus certification?
  14. PureOC reviews 1250W Enermax Galaxy Evo PSU
  15. [H]ard|OCP reviews 1000W Kingwin LZ-1000 PSU
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