Toshiba crams 320GB into new 1.8-inch hard drive

Hard-drive makers don't just ramp capacities in their 3.5" and 2.5" products—teeny 1.8" drives are also quietly growing in storage density. This morning, Toshiba announced a new 1.8" mechanical hard drive lineup, the MK3233GSG series, which combines capacities of up to 320GB with 5,400-RPM spindle speeds and Serial ATA interfaces.

Toshiba aims these puppies at "thin and light mobile PCs and portable external hard disk drives." The company boasts about having reached a platter density of 516 gigabits per square inch, which is purportedly the industry's highest for 1.8" hard drives.

MK3233GSG products include a single-platter 160GB offering as well as dual-platter 250GB and 320GB models, all with the same rotational speed and 16MB caches. The latter two drives have 19-dB seek noise levels, while the 160GB variant pulls off seeking while generating just 17 dB. Power consumption amounts to 1.3W during seeks for all three drives.

Toshiba expects to start mass-producing MK3233GSG hard drives in December. It doesn't quote pricing, but for reference, the firm's current 1.8" 250GB drive costs around $150 right now.

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