Dell Adamo XPS has Core 2 Duo, costs $1,799

After last month's teaser announcement, Dell has finally spilled the beans about its unusual-looking Adamo XPS laptop. The PC maker expects to start selling the sleek ultraportable "in time for the holidays" at a starting price of $1,799.

Specs-wise, the Adamo XPS packs a 13.4" "high-definition" display, a low-voltage 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of DDR3-800 memory, a 128GB solid-state drive, 802.11n W-Fi, and Windows 7 x64. The machine weighs in at "just over 3 pounds" and is an unbelievable 0.4" thin (that's almost exactly a centimeter, if your ruler happens not to split inches into tenths).

As we noted last month, the Adamo XPS's lid unlocks via a touch-sensitive strip, and it opens in a somewhat strange fashion, with the display panel extending well below the keyboard. Dell claims this setup enhances cooling, but official PR videos make it look slightly awkward to use.

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