Updated NV20 info

Dr. tnaw_xtennis has translated a post on PCReporter Online listing what they believe to be NV20 specs:
NV20 will be released on 2001.2.27, the main specification of NV20 are:

Fabrication Process: 0.15 or 0.13-micron Transistors in the Core: 30~50 million Rendering Pipelines: 4 Texture Units per Pipeline: 3 Core Speed: 300MHz Memory Speed: 250MHz (DDR) Memory Bandwidth: 8G/sec Pixel Fill Rate: 1200 million-pixels/sec Texel Fill Rate: 3600 million-texels/sec Triangles Processing Speed: 150 million-triangles/sec

Thanks again to Dr. tnaw_xtennis for the translation (and check out his GF2 -> Quadro mods here and here). PCReporter Online also has a thread on NV20 if you can read the Chinese.

Update: Digit Life has done an in-depth features analysis of the NV20.

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