Nvidia lashes out at Intel with cartoons

After trash-talking about Intel last year, Nvidia is now taking another approach in its public-relations war against the semiconductor giant: newspaper-style cartoons.

Specifically, Nvidia has put up a website with a handful of seemingly professionally drawn cartoons meant to poke fun at Intel. Much like many political cartoons, Nvidia's satirical panels hit their target somewhat awkwardly and with overstretched metaphors. One of the items apparently draws a parallel between Intel CEO Paul Otellini denying anticompetitive behavior and former U.S. President Bill Clinton denying involvement with Monica Lewinsky:

Comedy gold, folks.

The site, entitled "Intel's Insides," bears an Nvidia logo at the bottom right as well as the mention, "This website is not provided, sponsored or endorsed by Intel Corporation." A whois lookup shows the "intelsinsides.com" domain is tied to an address in Portugal, but it uses the same DNS servers as Nvidia's website.

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