Septor's ATi roadmap has written their take on ATi's 2001 roadmap:
  • Q1 : Mobile RADEON (RADEON Mobility) - will use RadeonVE as the base with no hardware T&L and only one rendering pipeline and multi-monitor support
  • Q1 : R200 - called the SideWinder chip with four rendering pipelines and a core clock of 300MHz; optimized for DirectX 8 and said to be twice as powerful as the Radeon with dual monitor support
  • Q1 : AGP 4x Bridge - a new bridge chip making possible a dual chip video card with the MAXX technology
  • Q2 : Integrated desktop chipset A2 - from the ATi and Intel cross-licensing agreement comes a new integrated graphics chipset using the Radeon core supporting the Intel Pentium III or Pentium 4 and PC133 SDRAM
  • Q3 : Integrated mobile chipset A3 - Radeon graphics core using DRAM for mobile computers
  • Q4 : R300 - a graphics chip called Stinger featuring a core clock of 350MHz and allegedly three times as powerful as R200 targeted for DirectX 9
  • Q4 : Unnamed - not much is known yet but believed to be an integrated motherboard chipset using the R200 with DDR SDRAM support and aimed at desktops
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