Monday Shortbread


  1. TUAW on Steve Jobs, the moral high ground, and the return to Apple
  2. Engadget reports Gigabyte fixes iPhone sync issue with BIOS update
  3. TG Daily reports DDR2 "shortage" causes DRAM prices to soar
  4. Fudzilla reports AMD's hexa-core desktop / server 45nm wafer pictured
  5. Expreview reports Intel’s Pentium E6500K pops up in Japan
  6. VR-Zone reports DFI unveils first Mini-ITX-based P55 board
  7. Rumor: Nvidia Fermi final silicon to be A3 revision, Q2 2010?
  8. DigiTimes reports Nvidia Fermi push-back to 2010 not expected to impact sales, say sources
  9. VR-Zone reports ZiiLabs ZMS-08 processor touts 1080p Blu-ray video playback
  10. C|Net reports Nokia recalls 14 million chargers
  11. The Consumerist reports iPhone app developer sued for stealing users' phone numbers
  12. Bill would force ISPs to block financial scams
  13. The Cloud: Ars Technica's short introduction
  14. Engadget reports Verizon takes another swing at AT&T, puts iPhone on the island of Misfit Toys
  15. A look back at 15 years of Microsoft advertising
  16. Engadget podcast 170
  17. Madshrimps cover Gigabyte TweaKING overclocking event in Paris, France
  18. MSI P55 online overclocking competition
  19. Some of the world's greatest masterpieces in coffee

  1. Microsoft announces Exchange Server 2010 availability
    and wave of innovations at Tech-Ed Europe 2009
  2. Exchange Management Shell quick reference for Exchange 2010
  3. comScore reports Microsoft captures largest share of time spent online worldwide
  4. Microsoft WS08 whitepapers (Windows Server 2008)
  5. Battle of the anti-virus: What is the best software?
  6. Download Squad on HTML5 YouTube viewer: Close, but not quite there
  7. TUAW: YouTube with all of the sizzle but none of the Flash
  8. Download Squad reports Mobile now available for Android devices
  9. Google making Waves across all its apps?
  10. Jailbroken iPhone worm found - Rick Astley photo
  11. AMD OverDrive 3.1
  12. FRAPS 3.0.1 released

  1. Official tweet regarding early sales of MW2
  2. Joystiq reports Trials developer puts own game on torrent sites for marketing
    and Final Fantasy XIII announcement possibly due on Nov. 13
  3. Warhammer Online's dev diary: Combating hackers
  4. GameSpot reports visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online
  5. FiringSquad's quick review of Dragon Age: Origins
  6. Gaming Heaven reviews Torchlight (PC)
  7. Björn3D on Darkest of Days PhysX performance
  8. Ars Technica's Lego Rock Band review and Avatar: The Game hands-on
  9. Engadget reports autonomous Roombas do Pac-Man right (video)

  1. TWL reviews VIA ARTiGO A2000 barebone system
  2. Donanim Haber posts video: Phenom II X4 965 BE
    C3 revision overclocked to 6835MHz (in Turkish)
  3. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week: Clock Throttle
  4. PC Perspective and TweakTown review Asus P7P55D Deluxe
  5. PCShopTalk reviews ECS P55H-A
  6. Futurelooks reviews Intel DP55KG "Kingsberg" Extreme Series

  1. HT4U, Techgage, and TweakTown review Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X
  2. Tweaknews reviews HIS HD 4890 iCooler x4
  3. reviews Inno3D GeForce GT 220
  4. Björn3D reviews Gigabyte GeForce 210
  5. InsideHW: All DirectX 11 graphics cards
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. JonnyGuru's second look at 850W Thermaltake Toughpower XT PSU
  2. BmR on CM Storm Sniper Black Edition case
  3. OCC reviews NZXT M59 case
  4. TestSeek Labs review Cooler Master Elite 310 case
  5. techPowerUp! reviews In Win Ammo 2.5" RFID enclosure
  6. Guru3D reviews Promise SmartStor DS4600
  7. Bona Fide Reviews on NZXT Sentry 2 5.25" touch screen fan controller
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