Corsair adds 32GB, 64GB Survivor GT thumb drives

Ever taken a USB thumb drive scuba diving and run out of storage capacity? Well, you can now avoid that conundrum: Corsair has added 32GB and 64GB models to its Survivor line of durable flash drives.

The new Survivor GT drives feature the same "super-strong, CNC-milled, aircraft-grade aluminum casing" as their 8GB and 16GB Survivor brethren, which makes them "practically indestructible," according to Corsair. The company also claims Survivor drives can survive underwater at depths of up to 200 m (around 650 feet) thanks to a "molded, shock-dampening collar and EPDM seal."

We reviewed one of the original Survivor drives a couple of years back, and it passed our stress test (part of which involved running it over with a Honda Civic) with only a few scratches.

Newegg has already started carrying the new 64GB Survivor GT for $209.99 before shipping. The drive can reach transfer speeds of 30MB/s while reading and 16MB/s during writes, and like the rest of the Survivor lineup, Corsair covers it with a 10-year warranty.

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