Nvidia CEO: We have supply constraints

About a month ago, the Taiwanese rumor mill broke the news that supply of 55-nm Nvidia graphics processors had gotten tight. One source later suggested Nvidia was discontinuing its GeForce GTX 200-series graphics cards, a claim Nvidia quickly denied.

The GTX 200 lineup may still be alive, but as Reuters reports, Nvidia is experiencing some supply problems. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made the revelation earlier today in Bangalore, India, stating openly, "We have supply constraints across [the] board."

Reuters says Huang blames the recovering global economy for the inadequate flow of GPUs. "Demand just spiked up very, very quickly and we are seeing robust demand across the board," the CEO noted, adding that Nvidia is seeing recovery in the United States, Europe, and other locales.

GeForce GTX 200 cards haven't quite reached Radeon HD 5800 levels of scarceness, though. Newegg still stocks more than two dozen GTX 200 cards, including over a dozen GTX 260s. That said, prices seem a wee bit higher than in the past, with only three of those cards selling for $170 or less.

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