Microsoft to get some Wolfram in its Bing

Wolfram Research's Wolfram|Alpha "computational knowledge engine" isn't meant to be a Google-killer, but it might just help turn Microsoft's Bing into one. Microsoft has announced on the Bing search blog that it has partnered up with Wolfram Research to integrate some Wolfram|Alpha features inside its search engine.

Microsoft says the integration will span "nutritional information and tools" as well as "some straight up hard math and homework help." On the nutrition side of things, Wolfram|Alpha will be able to work out your body-mass index and pull up nutritional information sheets when you search for a food item. As you can see in this screenshot, that will pretty much mirror what Wolfram|Alpha already offers as a standalone service.

U.S.-based users can expect to see the new, Wolfram-ified version of Bing "over the next several days."

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