Windows 7 now has 4% of the PC market

Last week, we told you that early Windows 7 retail sales had eclipsed early Vista sales by a staggering 234%. Do usage share numbers reflect that popularity? Yes, according to new Net Applications figures gathered by the folks at eWeek.

According to Net Applications' usage share data, which is based on 160 million visits to sites across the web each month, Windows 7 claimed a cool 4% of the operating system market between November 6 and 7. That may not sound like much, but remember Windows 7 only became available in stores and pre-built PCs on October 22, just two weeks before reaching that milestone.

For reference, eWeek says Vista didn't break the 4% usage share threshold until June 2007—months after its January 31, 2007 release.

Net Applications' latest data also shows Windows commands 92.52% of the operating system market overall, compared to 5.27% for Mac OS and 0.96% for Linux. Windows has lost a small amount of ground since August, when it claimed a 93.06% usage share, but it's better off than in November 2008, when it dipped below the 90% mark.

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