Tualatin exposed

Insane Hardware has gone ahead and exposed a couple of spicy pics of Intel's upcoming Tualatin processor. Based on the P3 core, the new chip is due out midway through the year and looks pretty interesting. While by no means official, I'll rip the specs for you.
  • .13 Micron Copper Manufacturing Process
  • 1.2v Core Voltage
  • 512k L2 On-Die Cache
  • Initial Release of 1.2Ghz, give or take 66MHz each way
  • 200MHz FSB Support
  • SDR and DDR SDRAM Support
You can check out the full story here. While the specs are interesting what intrigues me more is the whopping size of the IHS. Could this finally mean an end to crushed cores? Furthermore, what exactly is that hole for?
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