TR's 10th: Grand-prize winner announced

We've been celebrating our 10-year anniversary all week with an epic series of giveaways, with prizes totaling over $8000 in value, all told. And we've chosen winners for just about everything, except for the big enchilada, the top-dawg prize: a bevy of components that should allow our winner to assemble a reasonable approximation of the Sweeter Spot build from our most recent system guide.

We've subbed in a few different components here and there due to availability, but here's what our winner will be getting:  a Core i7-860 processor, GA-P55-UD4P motherboard, Gigabyte GTX260 Super OC graphics card, Caviar Black 640GB hard drive, Samsung DVD burner, Lite-On Blu-ray reader, Xonar DX sound card, Corsair TX650W PSU, and 4GB of Crucial DDR3-1333 memory, which he can install in the Gigabyte 3D Mars enclosure.

That's a value of over $1200, and it should be one heckuva nice system, once put together.  Mad props to Gigabyte for making this killer grand prize possible.

Here are shots of some of the key components, including the Gigabyte P55-UD4P mobo, the extravagantly superclocked Gigabyte GTX 260 graphics card, and the crystal-clear Xonar DX sound card. 



And the winner is... Derek Cross.  You have e-mail, sir.  Please respond soon to claim your prize!

And that's it, folks.  Thanks again to all of our readers for your support through the years, and to our sponsors, as well.  We're happy as heck to be doing what we're doing, and we'll keep working to serve you.  Special thanks to Gigabyte, Asus, OCZ, Corsair, and XFX for kicking in the prizes, too.

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