Sunday Shortbread


  1. Palm shares rise as takeover rumor resurfaces
  2. Engadget's Black Friday deals bonanza roundup
  3. TestFreaks post Black Friday shopping guide
  4. Motorola Droid experiencing external speaker problems, could be a software issue?
  5. Engadget reports Netflix hits Internet-capable Sony Bravia sets and
    T-Mobile launching BlackBerry Bold 9700 on November 16 for $199.99
    and PhoneSuit Primo adds extra juice, minimal bulk to your iPhone / iPod
  6. Sponsorship-supported Crunchpad is alive. 'Steamrolling,' says Arrington.
  7. RAmos W7 MID running Android
  8. ITG xpPhone now customizable with Windows 7, larger screen, and more
  9. Pictorial: Sony Vaio Bluetooth laser mouse VGP-BMS80
  10. Engadget HD: HD DVD's managed copy was never necessarily free, was always mandatory
  11. Engadget podcast 171 and Engadget HD podcast 163
  12. iPhone earrings and Mac jewelry - Yes, seriously
  13. Hi Tech Legion's holiday giveaway week 3
  14. TestFreaks have Speck Products giveaway
  15. The Nvidia Ion Cube PC (winner of Nvidia's Ion case mod contest)
Software and gaming

  1. Palm webOS 1.3.1 released
  2. TechReviewSource's Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2 pictorial review
  3. Download Squad reports Yahoo! Messenger 10 now out of beta with video chat and more
  4. Digital Trends on augmented reality
  5. TUAW reports Apple quietly updates the 5th generation iPod nano to 1.0.2
  6. Windows Mobile Marketplace "advanced" "copy protection" cracked
  7. TUAW reports Apple rejects Unity games on the App Store
  8. Hardware Secrets on Netflix for Sony PlayStation 3
  9. Gaming Heaven reviews Guitar Hero: Van Halen (Xbox 360)

  1. Techgage on AMD's 125W Phenom II X4 965 B.E.
  2. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Byte merge
  3. TestFreaks review Seagate FreeAgent Go Dock+
  4. [OC]ModShop reviews 8GB Verbatim Tuff-Clip USB drive
  5. XtremeComputing reviews SteelSeries Ikari laser gaming mouse
  6. HardwareZone on Sony Ericsson's Aino and its remote media playback
  7. Hi Tech Legion reviews Otterbox Commuter iPhone case
  8. Rbmods on Nexus NX-5000 PSU
  9. DeXgo reviews Tuniq Propeller 120 (in German)
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