2CPU reviews the Abit VP6

What's so special about this review, you say? For starters, Kampf is a familiar name to the TR comments section, and his Abit VP6 review is quite possibly the best to date. Well, at least until TR does one, but what's great about 2CPU's review is that it isn't simply about benchmarks; they actually test and use the board. Because of their hands-on experience with the EPoX EP-D3VA, they are able to put the two boards side by side and do a thorough comparison of the layout. Although both the EP-D3VA and the VP6 feature the HPT370 controller on board, their sharp eyes note that the two controllers exhibit different markings. And perhaps because two IBM 75GXP drives were used (not Maxtors), they did not experience any problems with the HPT370 controller. Instead, they do manage to uncover something about the IBM 75GXP drives that you guys will be interested in.

Just about everything is covered, from overclocking to RAID to dual-CPU usage to stability issues. Again, more benchmarking could have been done (like Linux testing), but that is almost nitpicking. While it remains to be seen how well the Asus CUV4X-D will fare, along with the highly anticipated AMD 760MP boards which loom on the horizon, the Abit VP6 is the current "it" board to have for dual processors. 2CPU specializes in dual-processor motherboards, and their review of the Abit VP6 has set a standard which will be tough to follow.

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