Catalyst 9.11 drivers introduce Flash 10.1 support

Radeon users don't have to jealously watch their GeForce-using friends enjoy GPU-accelerated Flash video playback any longer. AMD has released its Catalyst 9.11 graphics drivers, bringing official support for the new Adobe Flash 10.1 beta plug-in. You can grab these new drivers for Windows 7, Vista, and XP in 32-bit and 64-bit variants right here at AMD's Game website.

Unlike Adobe, which recommends using Flash 10.1 only with Radeon HD 3000- or 4000-series cards and 9.11 Catalysts, AMD says folks with Radeon HD 5800- and 5700-series GPUs can go nuts, too. We tried some high-definition YouTube video on a Windows 7 system with a Radeon HD 5770, and while the new Catalyst release did improve playback fluidity over earlier, beta drivers, video output still looked disturbingly pixelated.

Otherwise, the new Catalysts improve output quality when transcoding interlaced HD video to low, handheld-friendly resolutions using the Avivo Video Converter. You should now be able to turn CrossFire on and off when running three displays in extended mode, too, and bugs have been squashed for Age of Conan, Anno 1404, Battlefield 2142, Crysis Warhead, Supreme Commander, Tom Clancy's HAWX, Wolfenstein, World in Conflict.

As always, you can check out the full release notes (PDF) for more details on bug fixes and remaining issues.

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