OCZ lets loose the Colossus

After five months in limbo, the Colossus has finally made it out into the wild. We speak, of course, of OCZ's new 3.5" solid-state drive family, which combines impressive performance with even more impressive capacities thanks to a two-drive internal architecture.

OCZ is launching the Colossus in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB flavors, all of which the company rates for maximum read and write speeds of 260MB/s. Sustained writes should reach 220MB/s, except on the 128GB drive, where OCZ quotes a 140MB/s maximum—still nothing to scoff at, mind you. OCZ achieves those speeds by running two multi-level-cell flash drives in a RAID-0 config within the confines of the Colossus. Each internal SSD module has an Indilinx controller, and JMicron provides the RAID controller.

According to the product page, these SSDs also feature 128MB caches, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, and three-year warranties.

OCZ doesn't quote pricing, but when we first saw the Colossus at Computex in June, the company told us it could price the 1TB drive in the $2,500-3,000 range. The rumor mill later hinted at a price tag closer to the $2,500 mark.

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