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I am very pleased to report that our site search engine is working again. It was out for a while there, and until Azonic got it going again, I felt kind of lost. Phew.

I am still recovering from the stomach flu, which no doubt contributed to my mood when I wrote that Mac rant late last week. That thing touched off a pretty serious flame war, which somehow managed to spill over into my quick article about Photoshop performance. All of which is quite overwhelming.

I'm amazed that people still get excited about these Mac rants—which have become a regular feature here at TR. Everybody knew it was coming. We have been consistently critical of Apple when we felt it necessary, and we've often felt it necessary. It's insane to think there's still a sufficient number of people willing to defend the proposition that Apple hardware is competitive with the latest PC stuff. People who come to TR, no less. Crazy.

I am also flabbergasted that a couple of benchmark graphs and almost no substantive commentary could invite such a firestorm. Even more crazy.

Some of you guys have wondered if the recent Mac thread has set a TR record for number of comments on a single news item. Well, it's right up there, but it's not #1. (As always, we don't really have huge numbers of comments—just over 130 right now—but we do have, erm, huge comments.) This thread is still the all-time leader.

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